Less than ten percent of the population knew how to read before the printed press revolutionized communication half a century ago. The widespread of knowledge through this new access to information took us out of the darkness and fuelled the Renaissance, a cultural shift that changed humanity forever.

The content shared on a pocket-sized device connected to an invisible network by brands and pros today empowers us like never before. Users can customize their education experience with the vast wealth of information available at any time of the day.  The power is in our hands to optimize this new reality and further our evolution as a species. 

Follow the mentors and brands happy to give away knowledge on their websites and social media platforms to create an education database.  You must know more to grow in this health journey. Expose yourself to all outlooks to filter what is useful to you and discard the rest. That is how you create your victory.

Sometimes all you need to make a substantial impact is a tiny piece of wisdom, even if it comes from someone you disagree with. Never miss an opportunity to apply and learn new things. Here is a list of one hundred pros and brands that will teach you at least one thing about your body and your mind to keep you inspired along the way. Each will lead you to more content sources to expand your horizons furthermore.

The list is in no order or rank.

Eric Topol
The Personal Training Company
Pharmacie 3.0
Jessica Richman
Le Corps Boutique Fitness (Affiliate)
Kelly Starrett
Institute For Biophysical Medicine
Charles Poliquin
Dmitry Klokov
Anne Wojciki
Nic St-Maurice
The Prehab Guys
Stick Mobility
Tim Ferriss
Keith O'Malley-Farrell
Mark Hyman
Johnny Bowden
Vie.os (Affiliate)
Perry Nickelston
Kris Greene
All Things Gym
Christian Thibodeau
Trigger Point Performance Therapy
Mike Demeter
Elliot Hulse
Mike Deboever
Darren Klemencic
Anatomy And Physiology
Andy Puddicombe
Kenny Spracklin
Amna Al Haddad
Mitch Taylor
Dennis Dunphy
Neal Valera
Biner Training
Patricia Kallidis
Physio Velo 
Kevin Lo
John Kieffer
Bret Contreras
Robb Wolf
Chris Kresser
Physiotalk - The Walper Brothers
Jennifer Rochon
Paula Owens
Matt Cotterill
Frederic Delavier
Kelly Brogan
Julia Cameron
Mark Houston
Kristin Loberg
Mark Dhamma
Marcus Aurelius
Philip Watts
Gary Vaynerchuk
Boris Li
Amadea Kezar
Ido Portal
Erwan Le Corre
Friedrich Nitezche
Carl Jung
Paul Chek
Marti Olsen Laney
Jon Call
Ronda Rousey
Antoine Del Bello
Kilo Strength Society
Elon Musk
Mary-Pier Gaudet
Rasmus Thorø
Tamara Ghazi

Xcap Community
Frank Medrano
Alicia Neasmith
Essa Al Ansari
Heather McCurdy
Bobby Maximus
Oneka Elements
Joe Rogan
Santé Productive
Kinetic Sports Rehab
The Path
Ginni Rometty

And there are many more. Learn one hundred things about yourself and see how you feel then. Wise health investors know not to put all their eggs in the same basket. Your revolution starts today. What a time to be alive.