Fear Food

Fear is no fad diet. Humans have eaten terror for as long as there has been power. The story is different, but the formula stays the same. There are villains and heroes, and they interchange based on who or when you ask. Enemies bear different names; they are heathens, quacks, or carcinogens. 


We eat fear like pigs, and there have always been people to feed it to us. Terror is served warm for better digestion. The taste fades and needs heat fast. The mind moves on, so the rhetoric must evolve to keep the fire alive. Solutions saturate when there are no more problems to solve. The plot twists to maintain adepts confused and easy to control.

What is it about food that terrifies us? The mortal body is never enough against the poisons of the day. A strict adhesion to scriptures and guidelines is necessary to thrive, experts say. Everything else is contaminated. Adaptation is impossible.

The human body is a biological miracle that has survived eons of storms, plagues and several other natural disasters without the technology and knowledge we have today. We know we can adapt.There is no reason to be afraid at this point, yet We depend on authority to keep us healthy because we are scared and they know better. 

Are your eating habits rooted in fear? Do you avoid food because you've tried and felt worse after or did someone scare you out of it? The difference is huge. A documentary or seminar should not limit your dietary potential either. Keep an open mind and

Everybody can agree on the foods that kill you instantly. We know because some time ago our ancestors saw relatives die on the spot after eating a particular mushroom or berry. The shock transcended generations. We are aware now and avoid it intuitively. 

But what about the rest? The crashing health trends indicate we all have much to learn. No one knows how this story is going to end.

by Alex Bernier

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