Dear you,

We must accept the void between us for our quest to run smoothly. It has been eons since you and I were identical and it would be crazy to imply that one will ever know the other so fast. 

The journey to our interests and opinions were nothing alike; neither are their impact on our lives.  We were taught fallible concepts by different teachers as life scrambled us like Rubik’s cubes. My pain is not yours.

Would I seize authority by adding my picture, standing proudly in front of a full library of knowledge? What I know is useless if it cannot inspire you to think for yourself.

Would an encyclopedia of references to validate my mindset make me less of a fallible human being? I remain flawed regardless.

Success is a creation, not a formula, and only you hold the wand.  Someone's winning strategy may be failure to you. Your communication is my education; I am student as far as you are concerned. You are the most important variable in the creation of your victory, so paint a map for me to guide you with. Our success needs the fuel of your experience to advance in the unknown ocean. 

Let your body and mind guide the motion.

- Alex

  Transformation . Creavinci © Illustration by  Mischa Kavish

Transformation. Creavinci © Illustration by Mischa Kavish